Design Options


Design your own adventure.

Each Vardo wagon we build is custom designed and constructed from scratch after consultation with you. Your Vardo is as unique as you - it is custom built and designed per your needs and desires! The list below is not meant to be a definitive menu of every option we can offer or customize on your wagon, but to give an you idea to begin planning. Not only do we offer customization of your floor plan, but every build includes a comprehensive consultation with our in-house designer to create your perfect aesthetic. Leave the creativity to us!


PattiCan! Shell - starting at $7935

If you are a DIYer then the PattiCan! Shell will be right up your alley.

  • Your Vardo will be mounted on a 2”×3″ tube steel 3,500lb rated trailer frame with 15″ wheels and ready for transport to its new abode.

  • It will be a complete wood structure; the exterior will be sealed with 2 part marine epoxy and primed for paint, the interior will be bare finish grade plywood with a tongue and groove pine ceiling.

  • A door opening will be cut out and the cut out piece which can be used as the door will be provided to you. This does not include door frame or hardware.

  • The shell does not include window cutouts.

  • Roof will be treated with a weather resistant finish that is good for 3 months, giving you plenty of time to install your preferred roofing.

If you aren’t as well-versed in camping lore, not to worry - we are happy to customize and finish your Vardo, as well!

power systems

  • 120V ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ($295) - We'll wire your Vardo so you can plug into the campground and enjoy your stay. All you'll need is an extension cord. Includes 12v, 15amp shore power hook up point, and 4 outlets.

  • 120V SOLAR SYSTEM ($920) - Want to travel off the grid or boondock? We can Install a 12V system with 2 interior lights, 1 exterior light, 1 deep cycle marine battery, USB port, 1-12v port, and 15W solar panel battery charging system. Upgrades such as sinwave inverters are also available .

  • 100W SOLAR SYSTEM UPGRADE ($230) - Upgrade to 100W solar panel and system.


  • PLYWOOD DOOR ($345) - Build and install plywood door sealed with marine epoxy.

  • TONGUE IN GROOVE DOOR ($805) - Build and install tongue and groove cypress door and sealed with an oil based varnish.

  • DUTCH DOOR ($300) - Upgrade your door to a two-part Dutch door.

  • DUTCH DOOR WINDOW ($288) - Add a window to your Dutch door.

  • CUSTOM WINDOWS, FUNCTIONAL (starting at $185) - Price depends on style and size. Windows are functional, with screens.

  • CUSTOM WINDOWS, DECORATIVE (starting at $150) - Price depends on style and size. Decorative windows do not open.

  • WOOD SHUTTERS (starting at $86 each) - Looking for a specific aesthetic or want to protect your windows when driving? We can make functional window shutters. Price varies depending on size of your windows.

  • WINDOW FRAMING (starting at $59 each) - If customer decides to use manufactured windows, additional interior framing may be required to fit.

  • VENDING WINDOW (starting at $518 each) - A vending window for your business-use Vardo wagon.

Kitchen/galley AND OUTDOORS

  • OUTDOOR (starting at $1955) - Outdoor kitchen area with outlets and a fold down counter prep area, 3.2 cubic fridge and microwave.

  • INDOOR (starting at $978) - Design you own kitchen area. Perhaps a 3′ counter, GFCI outlets, lower cabinets, upper cabinets and/or shelves, small sink with faucet and plumbing inlet and drain fits your dream.

  • FOLD-DOWN CYPRESS TABLE ($173) - Cypress fold-down table on one side with chain for supports.

  • PORCH ($2875) - 2’ porch off exterior door. Perfect for enjoying the scenery after you get settled!

trim and finishing

  • EXTERIOR FINISH PACKAGE (starting at $975) - Make your Vardo stand out with a unique painting and/0r trim package. Base package includes cypress trim on corners, around windows, along the length of the wagon. Vertical battin strips every 16"-20", depending on window placement. Horizontal cypress trim paint and varnish: exterior walls painted with high grade house paint and all cypress trim coated with beautiful high grade varnish. Custom upgrades available.

  • INTERIOR WOOD VARNISH ($595) - Interior wood clear low VOC varnish. Completely seals interior wood in it’s natural color in satin luster. 3 coats sprayed and sanded between layers.

  • FLOORING ($450) - Install rugged vinyl flooring of your choice from Home Depot or Lowes in stock selection. Under $3.50 sf range. To make sure your floor is right for your wagon, please discuss your choice with your PattiCan consultant.

bed/sleeping area options

  • BED PLATFORM (starting at $518) - Queen, full, twin, or double - totally your choice. Choose between Queen or full size bed platform across front as in our rental. $518 for 1 twin or single size, double or queen $575. (Mattress sold separately) Includes compartments under platform for storage.

  • UNDER BED CABINET DOORS ($288) - Lots of storage available under your bed. We can custom build doors that hide what your not using and stop those things from sliding back when you're driving to your destination.

  • UNDER BED OUTSIDE ACCESS ($259 per side) - Exterior access to underbed storage. This gives you lots of extra storage. We include a sliding table that opens up to your basement storage.

  • SLIDE-OUT TABLE ($223) - Slide-out table from under bed.

Water systems

  • WATER PUMP AND TANK ($184) - Could be solar or electrical-powered.

  • UNDER BED FRESHWATER TANK/PUMP ($201) - 5 gallon freshwater tank and pump system mounted under bed. Dear front office, I really don't know what this is but we'll figure it out when a client asks for it.

  • UNDER BED HOLDING TANK ($23each) - 5 Gallon grey or fresh water holding tanks mounted under bed.

  • HOT WATER FAUCET AND WASH TUB ($575) - galvanized wash tub with propane instant water heater and faucet mounted on front of trailer.

other upgrades

  • CUSTOM ROOFING (starting at $1380) - Install high grade silver galvalume metal roof. Additional color upgrades available

  • AIR CONDITIONING ($475) - Install 6000 btu AC unit with remote.

  • BENCH SEAT STORAGE ($58each) - Bench seats with storage underneath. Cushions available after consulting with our designer

  • SLIDE-OUT COOLER SHELF ($115) - Slide-out shelf with power hook-up for a cooler for convenient access.